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Not bad. It's definitely functional.
The background is nice and the instructions are clear. But a few things to improve on.

Space should be the key to start. It's a lot simpler that way. You could also make the screen size bigger, so the timer can be bigger. It would do better with a fully black and more easy to read font.
Maybe a sound at the end of inspection to let you know inspection time is up.

It's pretty nifty. But be aware that not many people on newgrounds will find much use of it.

Cool game

Nice job for under 72 hours. The artwork and animation are great. The concept is creative; it doesn't take the theme at face value.
Gameplay is simple, but fun and challenging. The change of scenery is nice, and the game itself is short and sweet.
A level progress bar might've been useful. But the levels weren't that long and you needed to concentrate anyway.
Good work overall.


The artwork is excellent, the gameplay is fun and it's programmed well. The sfx and music are also great. Quite an impressive game for such a short amount of time spent on it.
What it really needs though is a high scores and possibly medals, so there's more motivation to keep playing.

Good job

great job on making something creative out of the theme you were given. Music, graphics and programming were good. The gameplay is okay. It doesn't have much lasting appeal and could be more expansive.
The idea is very creative though. I also like that there's kind of a story to it.
Good work for one weekend.

MonoFlauta responds:

thanks! glad you like it, we did our best :)

Very nice.

Some of these tools are really cool. You can make quite detailed drawings in a couple of minutes.
I haven't finished messing around with this yet, but with the 2nd brush in particular, I could make abstract images that looked like they had been done on paper in like 2 hours; yet it took about 20 seconds with this.
The last tool is also pretty cool. It can allow you to give drawings a texture or tint.
All of the tools are useful and have something special about them.

A few complaints/things to improve on:
- Using the eraser quickly results in scattered circles everywhere.
- The brushes, and especially eraser could do with larger scaling options.
- Being able to undo more than once would be nice.

Overall; A very fun and creative gadget :)

really fun

The idea/story are quite original. The gameplay itself is fun and has great lasting appeal. I like the music because it's simple, soothing, and fits nicely with the game.
There's a good upgrade assortment, and medals/achievements make for replayability.

pretty cool

There's nothing wrong with it, apart from the fact that it's so short and you don't really do much. But yeah, it was funny nonetheless. You probably intended this as a joke. I think for what the point of this game is, you succeeded. Nice artwork, and it's good that you included the song :)

nice game

Graphics, programming, music and voice acting were all good. Had a nice simple storyline and gameplay. It was quite short, but you guys did a good job for 72 hours.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks, without time limits the sequel will be a lot better

fun and inventive

This game is quite addictive, and unique. The graphics are pretty simple, but they do look good. I like that there are a bunch of courses to play, and
the achievements give something to aim for, and replay value.

not bad

Even though it's simple it's actually quite fun. With some more interesting graphics, a background, music and upgrades/levels/different enemies this could be alright.
If there's anything that bothers me, it's that you should be able to click anywhere to begin, pause and unpause.

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