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fun game, lots of areas and quite funny. The ending was great haha.
The retro graphics and music fit the game well.

pretty good

the concept is creative, and the functions make it more interesting than just long lines of code. Graphics are decent, and the music fits the theme of the game nicely. It gets a little repetitive, but a clever and decent game overall.

neat game

this beats any other dress up game i've seen by a long shot. The graphics are really great and there are a huge amount of pieces to choose from plus the extras you can add when wearing certain things. The medals are great because they give you something to aim for.

nice job

fun and simple. And those medals are tasty.

simple but fun

It has a non-complex but polished look to it. the gameplay is easy to understand and fun, as well as being challenging but not frustrating. I like the 10x combo powerups, and how the enemies merge to form one. The music fits the tone and pace of the game and doesn't get annoying.
The mouse option could do with a slightly faster speed, and temporary invincibility on respawn would be good.
Overall: A fun and interesting game which is simple but effective.


gameplay is fun, level designs are great. It has heaps of levels, so can entertain for a while. The graphics look good and the music is awesome.
The collision detection can be a bit off, and some levels can be frustrating.
As for the medals, they give you something to accomplish, but i don't think many people would replay the game for the last one :P
good game overall, alot of work put into it.

fun game

this is quite fun and addicting. Graphics are pretty good and the music is entertaining. gameplay is fun and has some interesting elements. It isn't the most original game but it isn't boring and has unique aspects.
Those later medals sure are ruthless! :P
a good game overall.

Megadev responds:

Cheers - I'm not even sure I can get all of those medals you know...:-O

pretty cool

a fun point n click adventure game. The graphics are nice, and the music fits and sounds good.

pretty good game

since you made this almost 7 years ago, i'm not going to say what should be improved. I also severely doubt that the author will read this.
But anyway, it's a simple but fun and effective game. Graphics are decent enough. The music is fun, and if it gets annoying you can always turn the sound off.
The gameplay is interesting, it's much more expanded and unique than any other pong game, it's cool that there are levels.
Other than a couple bugs there's not too much to complain about, it's a reasonably fun game that can entertain for at least a little while.

it's ok

a nice, simple timekiller. The graphics and music are reasonably good. There could be more to it though.

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