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Damn that's clever.

Really well made, and huge props for syncing everything up!

Cool. Good stuff. It doesn't matter too much that the idea has been done before. I mean, basically everything's been done 8000 times. I liked your take on it anyway.

Congrats on making it to the next round. I hope you haven't run out of ways to pizzazz that logo.

Brewster responds:

Thanks, yeah I'm gonna have go all out on this next jaltoid logo

Very enjoyable. Another impressive logo placement too.

Brewster responds:

:;:::;;::;;::::: ))

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Not bad. It's definitely functional.
The background is nice and the instructions are clear. But a few things to improve on.

Space should be the key to start. It's a lot simpler that way. You could also make the screen size bigger, so the timer can be bigger. It would do better with a fully black and more easy to read font.
Maybe a sound at the end of inspection to let you know inspection time is up.

It's pretty nifty. But be aware that not many people on newgrounds will find much use of it.

Cool game

Nice job for under 72 hours. The artwork and animation are great. The concept is creative; it doesn't take the theme at face value.
Gameplay is simple, but fun and challenging. The change of scenery is nice, and the game itself is short and sweet.
A level progress bar might've been useful. But the levels weren't that long and you needed to concentrate anyway.
Good work overall.


The artwork is excellent, the gameplay is fun and it's programmed well. The sfx and music are also great. Quite an impressive game for such a short amount of time spent on it.
What it really needs though is a high scores and possibly medals, so there's more motivation to keep playing.

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Nice work man. It fits really well with the game!

Amazing :D

I'm not a good critique-er of music. All I know is that it sounds awesome.

I love it.

Seriously, I faved it. The tune and lyrics are awesome.

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It looks mighty nice. Good job.

I feel like I would have enjoyed this a little bit more if I knew about the show beforehand.
However, it's really smooth and cool looking, and that's what counts!

dylan responds:

meh you're not missing much

Awesome. Looks especially good with the eyeball brain 3d stereograph thing.

I enjoy doing things that I find enjoyable.

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