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the graphics are simplistic but nice looking. the sounds are great. Gameplay is very fun and also requires a lot of thought. The bonus time for perfect ribbons is an added challenge, which tests your memory and reflexes. It gets quite challenging after a while :3
Overall a great game.

ZEGMAN responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

very fun

The graphics and sound effects are awesome. The gameplay is unique, fun and challenging. This is a great puzzle game.

nice game

It looks good, the music is nice. It's a good challenge for your brain. My worst are accuracy and coordination, but practice makes almost perfect.

decent game

very fun. Much more unique than other match-3 games. The idea of having to match em to send out people to fight is pretty interesting. Difficulty balancing was a little odd (Dolba fortress too hard, some too easy). The shop items seemed pretty useless to me, I bought them a few times but they never helped, or were even a hinderance. Better money rewards on the last levels would also be nice.
Graphics and music were good. Overall, a pretty fun and somewhat original game.


basic but fun. The gameplay is simple, while requiring thought and skill. I like the concept of the game. The music is good. graphics could have had something more to them, but they weren't bad. Overall decent game with an interesting concept.

pretty cool

the graphics are very good, i like the fighting and death animations. music and sound effects are nice. The gameplay is pretty fun, glitchless. What it needs is a save feature, i closed the game by accident on the last boss.. and I'm not playing through again :P


a lot of nice artwork. The music is awesome, although it stops after finding yankovic medal. The click to next picture arrows were quite hidden, so it would probably be good to let people know where they are.
aside from that, all the art pieces in this collab are good-excellent.

JKAmovies responds:

I have already said where the buttons are in the authors comments (this shows that people don't read the authors comments... Makes me sad).

Nah! but seriously, thanks man, glad you liked it :)


quite entertaining. A funny simulation of the flash game making process. Music is good. Nice to see the medals are working ;)

Manly-Chicken responds:

I know! It took way too long to get them to work...

nice game

this is an interesting, fun little gadget. Good job on the programming and presentation.


A fun game, with challenging levels and good difficulty curve. The art is simple but nice. The music works well with the game's theme, and it doesn't sound repetitive because of it's ambience. The gravity switching thing has been done plenty, but this is unique. Like bountyhunter said, the voice acting was great, even if it was computer generated. Some of the things the girl said were funny too :)

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