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this game is simplistic but fun, and funny, Very well made. I managed to get all the medals too :)
I had troubles with the boss for a while, as in not being able to start it.
This might help some people (if you are using ie8):
tools > internet options > security > trusted sites > uncheck protected mode
> add newgrounds.com to list of trusted sites.


It was challenging, but not over the top. The sounds fit the game well, and the art was simple but it worked. And It seems to be programmed very well, no real glitches.
This game is highly replayable and a lot of fun :)


it's easy to get the hang of and lots of fun. The graphics, sounds and concept of the game are great. A nice game for halloween :)

great game

fun challenges, good balance of difficulty, the music worked well with the game and i loved the style of art :)

awesome tutorial

I watched this some time back, and it was really helpful. I added it to my favourites when I first watched it, and i thought i'd come back and give it a review, despite the 402 it already has :)
The presentation, and all the information given is extremely helpful in learning from the tutorial and having fun aswell. I learned something from almost every aspect of the tutorial when I didn't know that much about flash and animating.
So I'm going to say this is quite flawless - 10/10

it was okay

Controls aren't too bad, but they aren't too good either.
I'd say the game is too difficult, as in to get all golds, any sane person would have to trace the pictures - and even then it's still quite hard.
But the game is a good test of your memory and accuracy skills, and there's really not much wrong with it.

not bad

It's not too new or original. But the gameplay is quite fun, and everything seems to work well (except the glitchy music). Replay value is there with the medals, and if you want a high score.

very fun :)

It's not frustrating and hard like "omgz i have to win". But you can still challenge yourself with the achievements and highscores. Overall it's a nice fun game and has a good replay value.


this game is amazing. Good graphics, i especially love how it's 3d. The controls and everything work great. audio is awesome. Very nicely put together game :)


The game itself is awesome, and so are cats. The music is also great, aswell as the voice acting. This is epicly funny :)
The only thing I don't like about it is when you die you can't just restart, you have to wait for the continue thing, go back to the intro/main menu and skip past the tutorial. But I won't rate you down just because I die too much.

LazyMuffin responds:

Haha, yeah, sorry about that.
I guess it's a funny/annoying joke for the first time, it does get old eventually.

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