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not too bad

The graphics are nice, and music is good. It's programmed pretty well, but the gameplay eventually gets quite tedious and repetitive. This is mainly true when you have to start grinding before level 7. Not too different from the first, except the stage setup and characters. Though that does make it easier to grip the gameplay.
So overall, it's pretty good, and you've obviously put a lot of work into this.


This is quite an addictive and fun game to play. The difficulty level is just right. Graphics and music are light-hearted and fun. I like that the game is a learn and improve experience. I've played 3 times so far and have gotten quite a better score each time. The medals make it very replayable. The highscores button doesn't seem to work though. But other than that it's a nice, simple, fun game.

Duderuud responds:

Thanks! And also thanks for addressing that highscore button bug, it is fixed now!

Pretty cool game

it's fun and really addictive. The graphics are simple but look pretty good and suit the gameplay. The music also fits with the pace/style of the game. The controls are good, he's quite slidey but that makes it more 'natural'. I think after a certain point it starts getting too hard, or at least a lot harder than it was not too long before. Also, sometimes you're left in unfair situations when you land your rocket in a bad place and there's no way up, unless you let the lava push you up. Other than that it's quite a decent and addicting game.

nice game

Graphics are good, and the music is fantastic. The concept is very simple, but it's fun to play and quite challenging. It does get quite hard and panicky later on, but that's probably a good thing. If there were something to improve on, it would be, like suggested, adding more to the game such as powerups. Such as slow-mo or a score multiplier. But for what it is, it's quite fun.

not bad

The graphics aren't too good, but they aren't really bad. The music/sfx were a pretty good choice. It's a simple game, but fun to play. The clouds were almost annoying. A better background could've been some varied clouds in the distance, scrolling slower than the foreground. It's pretty decent for what it is, a simple christmas game good for killing time.
As for the difficulty of the game, it's not difficult. Which is a good thing for me :)
It isn't stupidly easy though, which is also good. Maybe a 100 combo or all presents medal would've added more challenge to the game.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Well the clouds are like that to show that your not falling at 1 mph. But anyways, thank you for the review!

Pretty good

I'm with the people that think it's too hard. It's kind of difficult to see what's going on. But the game is programmed pretty well, the graphics are good, the sounds are good, and the gameplay is reasonably fun. It's just a little too hard for me, it's sometimes down to luck. But it's still playable. And you surely put a lot of effort into making this. The concept is good, it's just the annoying difficulty that bumps it down to an 8 rather than 9. Although I'm sure a fair bit of practice will make it easier.

very fun

what I like about this game is that it's simple and fun. It's also very light-hearted and not too hard, but you can challenge yourself to get a good score. The music is nice and the simple, retro graphics look good and fit the tone of the game. The medals were chosen pretty well, and enhance the replayability of the game.

challenging or frustrating?

I think it's somewhere in between. But it's leaning towards the "I don't know what having rusty knives pushed through my eyes feels like, but I assume it feels better than this" side.

I just want to say, i did infact finish the game, without even crying. It was very challenging but at times depressing. The later levels (I'll get to the last two soon) were quite brutal. I did however, like level 26 (I don't remember any other late levels too well). It was challenging but by no means did it make me want to kill kittens. I knew I could beat it and it took some skill, but did not take pixel-perfect timing and 500 deaths.

I finished with about 1800 deaths. At least 1000 of those were from the last two levels. By the way, the deaths only shows the first 3 digits of your death count. Trust me it's very likely anyone striving for the finish will reach 1000 deaths.
Getting onto the last two levels. They both started with exceedingly difficult and precise tasks. Then when you eventually passed that part, you would get near the end of the level and usually fail. Then you would start again, only to spend another 5 minutes and 100 deaths just to have another go at beating the later parts. Ok, i was probably exaggerating a little, but still.

Anyway, the fact that I managed to beat it says something i guess. It's not often that I complete these types of games. By which I mean, platformers/puzzles made to be as difficult as possible. The medals do give the game a purpose to be conquered though.

Ah those last two medals.. the people that have them, are courageous, masterful and dedicated (most especially the 10 deaths). But seriously those medals are quite insane. If I even tried for under 100 deaths let alone 10, I'd probably end up nothing but a bloody mesh on the floor, somehow.
Now I'm not saying having those medals was a bad idea or anything, just too hard for me, and many others.

Ok, ending my rant on how hard it is.
Originality - It's a typical platformer that follows all the old school platforming rules and whatnot, but it does have somewhat original elements to it. It required thought and precision. Although quite a few other games are the same.
Programming - everything seems to more or less work fine, but better hitTests could have been nice. The controls were reasonable, couldn't really be improved.
Art - Pixel/sprite art. Hard to go wrong with that. Although it's possible. Main thing is it looks ok. Nothing too special though, but still good.
Sounds/Music - The music was pretty good, it fit the theme and didn't distract from the crucial concentration of gameplay. The sound were simple, they sounded good. Not really much else you could have done with them.
Gameplay - I'll rate you on gameplay as well, even though it's similar to programming and originality. The gameplay was simple enough, hop and bop to the end. it definitely took a lot of skill later on. There were times when i was literally hanging off of the platform (level 30) and I went to jump and got killed by the thing above me. Well frustrating-ness aside, the gameplay was pretty fun and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Overall: 7/10

I believe a lot of people have rated this low because they can't handle the difficulty/figuring out how to beat certain levels. But I'm sure you've put a lot of work into this, and I commend you for having to test it over and over (if you actually did). It's a good game, but only a 7 because of various things. Anyway, good work.
I hope you read this, lol :P

.. holy shit that was a long review, especially from me.

keybol responds:

I readevery bit! It's unusual for me to read reviews for my old games, but you kindled some of my love for this game. And now that I am better at programming, I might actually do NAF2!


A soothing game indeed. The pixel art works very well in this and the flying colours everywhere look pretty. The music is good, it fits the game. The physics in this are great. It may be quite hard to get it perfect sometimes but it's good to have a challenge. Nothing to complain about.

not bad

The music and sound effects fit. The graphics are ok, could be better.
Gameplay and concept aren't too original, but this game is quite fun. The time warp was a nice idea. The medals give something to strive for, which is good.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the positive comments :)

I enjoy doing things that I find enjoyable.

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