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Damn that's clever.

Really well made, and huge props for syncing everything up!

Cool. Good stuff. It doesn't matter too much that the idea has been done before. I mean, basically everything's been done 8000 times. I liked your take on it anyway.

Congrats on making it to the next round. I hope you haven't run out of ways to pizzazz that logo.

Brewster responds:

Thanks, yeah I'm gonna have go all out on this next jaltoid logo

Very enjoyable. Another impressive logo placement too.

Brewster responds:

:;:::;;::;;::::: ))

Nice work. I found it extremely funny and well written. I was paying more attention to the story the first time I watched it, but now I'm realizing how great everything else is. I'm not an expert on cinematography, but your shots all look interesting and varied, while being constructed in each way for a specific reason.
Your animation and poses are pretty sweet. I like the range of body motion and facial expressions they have while talking on the bikes. I didn't notice any problems throughout so that's always lovely. Although there is that part where the tie turns blue which, I don't know if it was on purpose, but if so then good job I guess!
I like your voice acting too. The music was also a good choice, and well placed.

I loved the ending, but I also loved three things about the credits screen.
- The layout
- When you scroll up and down it looks like the diagonal "N" line is moving"
- The Jaltoid logo

Brewster responds:

Thanks!! I'm glad you mentioned the composition of the shots because that was something I was really trying to improve on this time around. Didn't even catch the part where the tie turned blue oops good eye. Thanks again thanks again thanks again!!!!!!!!

Was this perhaps titled "Sarcastic Voice Collab" sarcastically? That way the lack of sarcasm would be rightful. But we'd have to treat the not actually answering Chongo's question as a metaphor or something (to fend off those lingering sarcasm points).
On a third watch through, I noticed the intertitles were drawn differently each time. That's cool.
Good job on that, SafePlagiarism.

Excellent work on your animations everybody!
And I always enjoy that Chongo voice.

Pahgawk responds:

I enjoy that chongo voice too. Goes really well on bread with tomatoes.


Seriously though it's actually amazing. I'm seeing some of these for the first time and I am not disappoint. You all did such a great job!

Pahgawk responds:

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at the way this thing turned out!

Pleasantly because I like it when things suck. And this sucks. A lot.

Nicely animated, in a gloomy sort of way. The art, music, voice acting - exquisite!

Excellent. The 2d and 3d merged together nicely. Being new to Blender, you've done quite well.

The visuals are amazing, and I personally liked the choice of music. The story has room for improvement, but it makes enough sense to... make enough sense.

You're getting too good at animating. The sound design is nice as well.

The fact that it's mostly 2 colours and not too detailed shows how excellent the staging/timing is.

Really well done!

It's animated excellently. The story was entertaining. I was captivated the whole time.
I like that it's mostly a comedy but there's a message behind it all.

It's gonna be a close one!

I enjoy doing things that I find enjoyable.

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