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CyanSandwich's News

Posted by CyanSandwich - February 7th, 2012

I haven't made a front page post in forever; and when you have that sort of power you might as well throw it around like a decapitated head in a psychopath's hideout.

First redesign impressions? IT'S NEW AND PRETTY AND STRANGE.
I still have things to discover.

In flash related news, I'm waiting on 2 collabs to come out.

Posted by CyanSandwich - December 30th, 2011


It's loosely based on some facebook conversation I had that involved a certain thread.

Mick (RicePirate) so Kindly voiced it for me.

Also if you do watch it, it's probably normal to be left questioning whether or not it made any sense.

Have a good New Year!
My god that year went quick.

Posted by CyanSandwich - December 8th, 2011

Well, guess.

Posted by CyanSandwich - November 4th, 2011

Shit just got real.

Anyway, I haven't made any flash or news posts for fucking ages. I think it's mainly because I'm a lazy turd. I was going to make something for Halloween, but then it was Halloween and I hadn't made anything. Hopefully that'll change for Christmas.

A game I was working on a couple months ago may be completed some time before christmas. Like many other games, I eventually lost interest and stopped working on it.

Also there's this collab hosted by Elfman that I'm in that should be coming out soon.

Posted by CyanSandwich - August 25th, 2011

Yep, a good 2 weeks and a bit since I last news-posted.

So here's a zebrant.

It's been 2 weeks...

Posted by CyanSandwich - August 10th, 2011

You probably clicked here because the vague title left you wondering if this was something worthwhile.
Sorry :P

I've finally been knocked off TOFA.
My last entry has done better than I thought it would.
Daily 4th, front page, over 100 fav's, weekly 12th. Thankyou to the people who enjoyed it.
And also to those who didn't, because that means you watched it, and I crave views.

The TOTALLY AWESOME RicePirate + RedHarvest voiced it for me.

Also I changed my banner. I kind of just threw it together like a last-minute school assignment.
But it should look better than the sickly glowing random thing I had before.

Yeah basically I get bored of my newsposts so I make a new one every few weeks filled with with fairly insignificant updates.

Anyway expect better stuff from me in the future. Actually don't. That way I'll probably exceed your expectations.

Posted by CyanSandwich - July 8th, 2011

Just because. I needed to get rid of the last one.

Anyway, watch this.

And then when you're wondering wtf just happened and why you watched it, click the screen to watch it again!

I also need to change my banner and stuff. So it looks less shit.

Front page post.

Posted by CyanSandwich - May 20th, 2011

I'm no longer looking sorry!
Thanks to everyone who responded though. You're all great!
Good luck!

Posted by CyanSandwich - April 12th, 2011

We didn't finish on time. But the game will probably be done eventually.

Edit: It probably won't.

Posted by CyanSandwich - March 29th, 2011

So like, it's my birthday today.
(This is the part where you pretend to care)

In other news, I made a well thought-out film about toast.